Conscientious Objection to Medical Aid in Dying: Results from a Qualitative Study

Conférence de Jocelyn Maclure et Isabelle Dumont (École de travail social, UQAM)

Dans le cadre de l’International Conference for Phenomenology of Medicine and Bioethics

Organisée par le Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge

Date et lieu

vendredi 15 juin 2018, 10h30Local Holmqvistrummet, Ersta Conference Centre, Erstagatan 1K, Stockholm


Jocelyn Maclure et Isabelle Dumont présenteront une conférence dans le cadre de la session 8, « Death, Illness, & Donation », du colloque.

This conference intends to bring together phenomenologists working with issues in medicine that are, directly or indirectly, tied to medical ethics. Phenomenology is often put in contact with bioethics via philosophy of medicine and medical humanities, and accordingly, relevant conference themes might include: the nature and essence of medical technologies, the clinical encounter, illness, pain, disability, pregnancy, giving birth and dying. Moreover, there is room for dialogue with already established approaches in bioethics, such as caring ethics, feminist ethics, biopolitics and narrative ethics. Ultimately, what is essential from the point of view of the conference is not the label of phenomenology as such, but rather to gather philosophical and ethical analyses that adopt the phenomenological imperative to return to lived experience in a reflective manner. We welcome contributions that make use of phenomenological philosophy in this broad sense as a means to engage with contemporary ethical questions and dilemmas in contemporary medicine.

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